Once upon a time in the ddr this material was called dederon.
For this design there was a call from German TV (NDR) "You don't have permission to show this vest!"
A tribute to my Scottish friends.
The Jungle Vest (sold) was made from a blanket that I found in the attic during a renovation. (unknown age)
I found this blanket (sold) in a classified ad, it was from the 80's and was in good condition. It will live on forever as a vest.
This blanket was sent to me by an elderly lady, it dates from the end of the 70s and was produced in Poland.
Remaining piece of a blanket from the 80s.
Remaining piece of a blanket from the 90s.
Fragments of a blanket from the 90s.
Playroom blanket from the 80s.
ard called me and asked to take this one down.
magic mouse from the 90s.
yes i was the clown of the class. found this one at the attic.
thank you mara for this present, i hope you´re happy with you piece.
just ride the red horse. born 1983 in the ddr.
cominf from utah, this is was a blanket from the late 80s.