At Children of Time, the seed of sustainability wasn’t initially planted with a global vision in mind, but rather sprouted from a personal tale of remembrance and loss. The brand was born from a desire to preserve cherished childhood memories, encapsulated within the threads of old quilts—a simple need to hold onto the past and transform it into something tangible. Yet, from this deeply personal impulse grew a broader vision. We realized that each piece of fabric, every stitch, and pattern had the power to conserve not just memories but also resources. This awareness transformed COT; what began as an endeavor to save personal stories evolved into a comprehensive approach to protecting our environment. It shows how the most sensitive human experiences can often lead to the most powerful global ideas.

Our journey is woven through the threads of the past, shaping a future where fashion meets sustainability. Our name, deeply rooted in the ethos of responsibility to the epochs that came before us and those that will follow, reflects our commitment to a world worth living in for all future "children of their time".