POAP - New Ways to Preserve Memories

What makes memories so important? Our memories are valuable and mostly certain emotions are associated with them. These can range from joy, laughter, to excitement and a sense of belonging. Not only do they allow us to connect with our friends, family and colleagues, but they also make us feel a closer connection to our favorite brands. 

In a world where technological progress is advancing rapidly new ways to preserve memories are emerging. 

Have you ever heard of POAP? No, we're not talking about a fancy thing that you would normally buy during an intensive night out in the Berlin. What we mean are digital badges or collectibles that are created on the blockchain. POAP stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol. It is the name of the protocol itself, but is also used to describe the badges themselves. Each of the badges comes with a unique identifier that serves as a verifiable proof that you attended a specific event or contributed to a community or brand in a certain way. 

We're giving away POAPs to the first 30 pre-orders for our new essential collection

How does it work?

All you have to do is wait for the arrival of your order and follow that instructions hidden in the packaging to claim your unique POAP within the next 14 days after the date the order was received. 

What's in for me in the future?

First of all you own a digital collectable that celebrates the moment that you are an early supporter and member of our community. This memory is now stored forever on the blockchain. It is a digital proof that you were part of our very first essential launch. We'll reward your loyalty in the future and enable you to build the brand together with us along they way. 

From now on you're a children of time. We may have different backgrounds and be influenced by different cultures and elements, but ultimately one thing unites us. The here and now we live in and the common goals we pursue.

We are friends, colleagues, neighbours and like-minded people on the journey of creating a new aesthetic that has the power to push impressions beyond the limits of the physical and digital world.